Jul 242014
Ace of Pups Shih Tzu puppies growing up…4 sale! A Purebred ShihTzu Breeder, in Beverly Hills Florida.

All are purebred ShihTzu… at about 13 weeks old.

Carina, Crystal, Sugar are the Golden girls.

Mingo, Monte… are mostly Black with White markings.

Pepper is black and white, mostly black on top and all white underneath.

Duke is solid Black.

Thunder… is Black and White.

Jersey… is Brown and White. (on Hold)

Dango and Jax… are Brown and White.

Carlo and Royal… are a brownish Brindle.

Jul 152014
ShihTzu Puppies of 6 different Shih Tzu mothers / an Ace Of Pups video.

On this video you can see the babies of
Chips and Maverick… girl Pepper and boy Thunder,
Jewel and Maverick… boys Monte and Carlo,
Aliante and Indiana Razz… boy Duke,
Bluff and Maverick: girls Miami and Jersey,
Sun and Indiana Razz… boys Mingo and Dango,
Lady and Indiana Razz… girls, Sugar, Crystal and Carina and boy Jax.
Ages vary between 10 and 13 weeks old. … Male puppies are reduced for the month of July!
Please enjoy and feel free to contact me for appointments to see these sweethearts.

Jul 262014
Lori fell in love with Jersey n Dango on the Ace of Pups website

Jersey, a Bluff and Maverick girl and Dango, a Sun and Indiana Razz boy have a new home in New Hampshire.
Jersey, a Bluff and Maverick girl and Dango, a Sun and Indiana Razz boy have a new home in New Hampshire.
Lori fell in love with Jersey n Dango on the Ace of Pups website. When seeing the pups for the first time Lori knew she made the right choice!!!

Jul 152014
Ozzie at One Year Old

From: Erin Gonyea
Date: July 15, 2014 at 11:24:04 AM EDT
To: Jannie Ace of Pups <anotherpuppie@yahoo.com>
Subject: Ozzie at One Year Old

Hi Janine,
I was reminded of
strong>Ozzies one year with our family this July 4th when we were up I the mountains in North Carolina.
He is a seasoned traveler now to the mountains. This was his third trip up to Beech Mountain.
He loves the cold climate! Ozzie has been such a wonderful addition to our family.
He is a clown, loves to play in his toy box, and with all of his toys. He loves to run and play with his brother Mac and they as always together!
Hope all is well! I love to go on line and keep up with your puppies!
Have a super summer!

Erin And Dave Gonyea and Ozzie

Jul 132014
Lola's is FOUR

From: “Karl Leber”
Date: July 10, 2014 at 1:09:57 PM EDT
To: “Jannie – Ace of Pups”
Subject: Lola’s is FOUR

Hi Jannie,

We hope this mail finds you well and all fine. Naturally, when Lola’s birthday is coming up, we always think about you and your little lovable creatures you are giving to people. It is today four years that you helped Lola to see this wonderful world. She is being praised by so many people for her good demeanor and her beauty. Lola is telling us in her quiet manor anything extraordinary around us. She is also calmly approaching any other dog that is excited about her, small or large. Their owners are just stunned about this. Lola still loves traveling more than anything else and behaves well in the city or in the country. We attach two pictures from today.

Jannie, stay well and healthy.

Karl and Heidi

P.S.: Lola is a good soccer goal keeper – any small ball will do.
Lola's is FOURWhere are the fiish?

Jul 062014
Keisha is growing up!!!  the happy Shih Tzu, a Rainbow and Indiana Razz girl

Hi Jannie! Look how cute I am! I’m also a very good doggie, most of the time!?!?!! I get my third round of shots this coming week. Mom & Dad think I am the BEST shitzu EVER!!! I have lots & lots of squeaky toys… I have figured out how to squeak most of them! That is such fun!! The two kitties like me and play with me now!!! I had to learn not to bark at them… It’s made a big difference! Just wanted you to know how happy we ALL are!!!
Love, Keisha…… Judy Brown